A Church with no boundaries, no walls

Relevant Life Church is more than just a new church. It is a new kind of church. We are dedicated to being a church that goes far beyond the words spoken from behind the pulpit. We believe that our words are only as powerful as the actions we use with them.

The ministers of Relevant Life Church are not confined to the picture you see here. Every seat is filled with someone that can be used by God in any moment. Our church body is made up of men and women who live to walk with God each day and help others on their way. Each one brings their unique perspective and gifts so that only together can we complete the work God has called us to.
We are dedicated to the promise that the ministries of RLC will never be contained by the walls of the building. Our ministries are born out of real needs. We believe that the need is the call of God. The church was never meant to be a waiting room for the saints, but a hospital for the hurting. We are closest to God when we are helping His people.

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What We Do

Our mission comes from a shared vision to build a diverse, empowered, intergenerational, multi-cultural community who reaches out, welcoming people to Christ.
 To EQUIP disciples with a Faith that Works in Real Life.
 To ENABLE disciples to become a Company of Worshippers who passionately worship with a wholehearted understanding of our God.
 To mark with EXCELLENCE disciples who walk in our surrounding communities, gifted and trained to unlock the purpose and dreams of People.

At RLC you can expect


 An environment that expresses and fosters inspiring, God-centered, Jesus Christ exalting worship and adoration


Powerful, expository and topical preaching and teaching of the Word of God that leads to personal salvations and supports the process of sanctification in the lives of believers


Life Groups is a vital part in building community. It keeps you engaged and creates a healthy environment to build meaningful relationships and friends.